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Your Annuity Solution

An Annuity is a cash contract with an insurance company. Unlike life insurance products where policy issue and pricing are based largely on mortality risk (How soon one will die), annuities are primarily investment products concerned with how long one will live.

Annuities can play a vital role in any situation where a stream of income is needed for only a few years or for a lifetime. The annuity grows since the insurer credits the annuity with a certain rate of interest  which is not currently taxed. Individuals can purchase an annuity with a single lump sum payment  or through a series of periodic payments.

Annuity payouts can begin immediately after the date of purchase or at some specified future date. To find out more about annuities and see if they make sense for you contact us at Toll Free (866) 316-3450 or email to insurancemagic@aol.com. Thanks